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:: Once it had ceased to snow, Conductor opened the door to the train, walking out. She sunk into the snow, and had to hold onto the bar on the side to keep her balance steady. Eventually, she walked out to the front of the train, surveying the area. It appeared the train was buried in snow and it would not be able to move until it was cleared. A little frustrated, she let out a sigh. What was she to do now? ::


:: Conductor sat on a stool next to the bar at Melody's Oblivion. She held a glass filled with wine, which she looked down into. Things had become so complicated in time and she felt like she was becoming more of a hindrance to these passengers rather than a help. All of her attempts to get them to come together didn't work the way she had hoped. Now it seemed those who cared for each other were now at each other's throats. Taking a sip, she waited for the person she agreed to meet there. ::


:: Inside the cooking station, Conductor had on a cute apron that matched her hair color. A lot of things weighed on her mind for a long time and she was quite worried about her passengers. However, she felt she needed something to do to keep herself from becoming depressed. For now, she was busy preparing pancakes. Several stacks were scattered all over the cart with pancakes of different flavors.

Strawberry pancakes, blueberry pancakes, wheat pancakes, strawberry-blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, apricot pancakes, some with whipped cream, some with whipped cream and sprinkles, others with maple syrup, others with chocolate sauce, and...some were just plain with nothing on them at all.

She was planning on leaving these in the dining cart for supper. It might help to get them to like her more.


:: Christmas had been a great success, it seems, despite a few unsatisfied partners here and there. Even with the tournament going on and the tension that came with it, several of the passengers were getting along for the time being. At least, that was what she was aware of. For now, she had some business to take care of regarding something she had been meaning to do for a long time. ::


:: The conductor had ventured into the lounge, looking about at the massive damage done to it. She wondered if this would get repaired at some point, which she soon regretted. It was terrible to think about that instead of the tragic events that had befallen the train recently. Sitting down on the couch, she buried her head in her hands, letting out a small sigh. ::


:: Wearing a dress she had bought a long time ago, Conductor stepped out from the train to explore the vicinity of the school. The atmosphere appeared to be so peaceful. Breathing in some of the fresh air, she began to walk about the courtyard, perhaps seeking some passengers to spend her time with. ::


:: Rather than patrol the train for suspicious activity, the conductor decided to take a much needed day off. Well, maybe only half a day. ...Okay, she was only taking a small break from her duties to enjoy some time in the arcade. At the moment, she played Marvel vs Capcom, using Cammy for herself against a CPU Captain America. She wasn't a big fan of fighting games...but she figured it was worth a try, to see what the big fuss was about. ::


:: As she walked toward the train, she carried a giant plushie she had won at the balloon popping stall. It had't been too easy, considering that the game was rigged. Regardless, she was glad she had managed to get something. Another game did catch her eye.

The shooting gallery.

Thinking it through for a few moments, she decided to try her luck with it.


:: Today was the day that the conductor decided to organize some of the spaces in the lounge to make them feel more at home. As she stepped away from the newly arranged couch and television set, she pondered whether this was a better arrangement. ...People might want to view the TV from where they sat, she thought. Tilting her head to the side, she tried to think of what else she could do. ::


:: Standing in front of the Terminal C newsstand, she picked up one of the recent newspapers to read. Finding out about the current state of the world tended to leave her feeling a little sad at times. There was always so many things going wrong for people...

After some more skimming, she turned to the entertainment section, finding the crossword puzzle. Pulling a pen from her pocket, she decided to start filling it out.