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ticketsnriddles's Journal

9 September
[Series: Valkyrie Express]

[Status: Train Conductor]

[Personality: Mysterious, Clever, Punctual]

The conductor of the Valkyrie Express train, she is the one who declares stops, hands out and marks tickets, and assigns missions at each destination. She has an obsessive-compulsive streak, and always carries around her pocket watch to keep track of the time. Her specialty is in telling riddles, which she uses to answer the questions passengers attempt to ask her.

In time, she has been revealed to be a 'simple conductor' who does not choose who boards the train, but has the task to watch over the rest of the passengers. Also, it appears she knows more about the passengers than she lets on.

Her powers and talents are mostly unknown.

This information is still incomplete. As the plot of the game progresses, new discoveries about Conductor-san's powers, talents and history will be added to this page. Please do well in Conductor-san's missions!

[This is an RP journal for valkyrieexpress, played by an unknown mun]

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